About the Experience Machine

Hi there! My name's Alain, and I'm one of the two humans employed by the nanobots of the Experience Machine to "interface with the other earthlings," as they put it. I know it sounds odd, but I swear: this is the most peaceful alien invasion I've ever seen. 

The Experience Machine is the name of this alien autonomous collective. They love making "transdimensional portals into alternative multiverse timelines." However, they're really bad at the social and business elements (though they won't admit that), so that's why I'm here. Basically, we're an escape room company. Except with more interdimensional travel and alien radiation. 

Anyways, thanks for visiting! We have one location open already in Upland and another on the way in Azusa, hopefully by September! Scroll down and enter your email in order to subscribe, so you can get updates on new rooms and exclusive discounts!