What's an escape room?

An escape room is an activity where you and your favorite people work as a team in order to find a resolution to a story presented to you. You've only got 60 minutes to figure out all the puzzles, so you'll have to move quick!

Are we locked in?

No. Our nanobots freak people out enough; we don't need to also be the business who falsely imprisons people.

What if we get stuck?

That's what our Game Masters are for. Be nice to them: the more they like you, the more hints they'll be willing to give when you ask.

Can I leave the room at any time?

Yep. You can leave the room for any reason. Feel free to leave and go to the restroom, call your baby/cat sitter, or escape the odors of your friend's plus one. Just remember that the clock is still ticking, so maybe don't go out for a Starbucks break (but bring your Game Master something back if you do).

What time should I arrive?

15 minutes before your stated start time. Make sure to complete waivers beforehand so you are not delayed.


Am I being recorded?

Yes. You are on camera during our escape rooms for three reasons:

  1. For the safety of everyone involved.
  2. So that you can receive hints when needed.
  3. So the nanobots can review the footage to understand humans better.

We might sometimes want to use recorded footage for promotional materials, but we will always ask for your permission if the recording makes your identity known.

Do I need to sign a waiver?

Yes, so you can understand our obligations to you and your obligations to us. Our escape rooms are safe so long as the rules are followed and staff directions are adhered to. Waivers let you know these rules and what risks you take on if you don't adhere to them.Here'sthe text for the waiver if you want to know what you are agreeing to.

What is your refund policy?

Tickets are nonrefundable. Don't worry: if you don't know how many tickets you need, just buy the minimum three required and you can have others pay at the door.

Can I reschedule?

Yes, but it is only free if you reschedule before the day of your booking. Rescheduling on the day of your booking costs an additional $50.

Contact us to reschedule.

What if I'm late?

You will lose time to do the room. The timer begins right when your booking says it will start. If you are late, you can still play (after signing waivers and listening to all rules). but you will not recuperate any lost time. Make sure to come at least 15 minutes early!


Are there strangers with me?

No: all rooms are private.We know people are gross and weird, so you only have to play with the people whose grossness and weirdness you are used to.

Can I add people after booking?

Yes. Additional participants can pay at the door. However, please remember that our rooms have a maximum number of participants: check the room description page to see how many people can play per game (usually up to 8, but sometimes 6).

Can kids play?

Yes, with adult supervision. Kids under the age of 13 must have an adult with them in the room. Kids 13 and up must have a guardian consent form filled out. We will be calling numbers placed on guardian consent forms to verify signature and make sure we have someone to call in case of emergency.

The nanobots are not great babysitters, so we cannot have children in the lobby unsupervised.

Why are there a minimum number of tickets?

All rooms require a minimum of 3 tickets purchased per booking. We do this in order to keep the lights on. You can have two or even one person playing rooms that allow it, but you must still purchase this minimum amount.

(Don't tell the nanobots this, but if you call us Monday through Thursday, we might be able to waive the minimum purchase requirement depending on availability).

Are The Amazing Argo and Treasure Quest new rooms?

These are rooms we acquired from Mind Suite. Since the acquisition, we have only performed minor tweaks and updates on these rooms, so keep that in mind if you've done the rooms already.