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Ever wanted to find treasure long thought lost to the ocean's depths? Or fix a malfunctioning steampunk dirigible as it flies across the skies? Maybe you want to uncover the secrets of an abandoned desert shack? Now's your chance, with us! Don't know what an escape room is? Check out our FAQ!


We are escape room company dedicated to creating unique, incredibly immersive experiences that are out of this world! These ultimate escape room experiences are designed to blow your mind. We are located in Upland, and will be opening a location in Azusa pretty soon!


Want a captivating experience that will leave you and your friends talking about it for days? Well, what are you waiting for?! It's simple: grab you and your favorite people and book today at our Upland or upcoming Azusa location.

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Alain (I think that’s how you spell) was a great host We did the steam punk theme “Argo” Awesome puzzle, worth the experience woo

Apr 13, 2024
Yohsei Yokoo
Corporate Training

Experience Machine loves hosting corporate events and team building! Escape rooms are excellent ways for teams to get to know each other better, develop communication and critical thinking skills, and practice working together for a common goal. They're also an exciting and memorable way to celebrate company achievements. Contact us at (323) 523-5072 or email us at for more information. Let us take your team out of this world!

Birthdays and Parties!

Are you really looking forward to doing the same ol' thing you've been doing every year for your birthday? Do something weird for a change. Come hang out with you and your favorite people and celebrate together in a memorable way! And don't be afraid to bring some cake--the nanobots love it. 

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